Before Your Visit

Appointment and Patient Forms

As a new Pacific Stem Cell and PRP Therapy patient, you are required to set up an appointment for your visit. For your first visit, you will need to provide us all the essential documents including your patient form and your insurance identification card(s). Please consider arriving early on your first visit in order to fill up additional paperwork.

To print and fill out your patient forms before your appointment, visit our patient forms page.

Traveling to Torrance

Pacific Stem Cell and PRP Therapy is located in Torrance, in the South Bay (southwestern) region of Los Angeles County. Torrance is home to many businesses, medical facilities, museum, as well as shopping, restaurants, bars and lounges. The city also holds numerous art and music performances throughout the year and held at the Town Square, Farmers Market and Creekwalk Plaza.

Bring a Family Member or a Friend

It is very helpful to always have a family member’s or a friend’s support when visiting doctors for any reason. Bringing someone can be very useful.

  • You will have someone who can remind you of what the doctor said
  • You have someone to help you with transportation
  • An interpreter, if needed

Patients without appointments can be exempted in case of any serious emergency. Otherwise, every patient is expected to have an appointment scheduled prior to their visit.

Thank you for choosing Pacific Stem Cell and PRP Therapy and we hope to always be your first choice.

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